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Dedicated Fiber vs Broadband, which is right for me?

In my business a lot of folks ask me or assume that and are the same service. They are not. There is a reason why they are priced so differently. Being new to the group I thought I would share some insight:

Broadband: (cable provider) Is Asymetrical. This means that the upload and down load speeds are different. Typically you will see this speed listed at 50/5 or 100/10/. This means 50 download and 5 upload. This circuit is SHARED with many other users and therefore the through put is not reliable. Many folks think they are paying for 50 DL and that they are getting it. In actuality if you look at your contract the speed say “up to 50mbps” So that means at any given time you may or may not get that. This type of circuit is fine for small biz that don’t rely heavily on internet for biz. Don’t not run VOIP or video conferencing over this type of servie.

: it is exactly what it sounds like. A Symetrical circuit provisioned specifically for each client. Usually written as 50/50 which mean 50 up and 50 down. This circuit is for net centric biz that relys on the internet for biz. Within the dedicated circuit, it can be provisioned as type I (on net) or type II (off-net) On net is usually dirt cheap becasue the carrier has fiber right into the location. Excellent way to do biz. Off -net means that the provider is using a *hand off* or last mile piece to get to the primary carriers network. They carrier is NOT using the last mile network to any degree, but rather just a hand off. Some companys cover this piece in their SLA’s. Cogent does :) A dedicated circuit is nice because it is scalable and independent of anything else. Cogent offers circuits from 10mbps to 30 gigE

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