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HG612 Modem Stats r2.1 released

A version 2.1 revision to the Stats package has now been released.
It is available here:-
HG612 Modem Stats r2.1
Click the Blue Download Now! button & choose one of the Download Mirrors.
It is still currently aimed only at / connections for Microsoft Windows users, using a Huawei HG612 modem or a ZyXel VMG8324-B10A combined modem/router.
The package has been fully tested on XP, Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8/8.1 systems.
What´s New in version 2.1
• Added the option to record extra debugging information.
Along with Extensive event logging, this option can be turned OFF, with very minimal data stored.
Turning these options OFF speeds up the programs, so it *may* be necessary
to apply a different PC speed setting in the event of failed data harvests
for faster PCs.
• Added option to choose the PC speed setting.
FAST actually slows the programs down by adding slight pauses in order
to ensure the modem can keep pace with the PC.
SLOW adds no pauses. This speeds up the programs on slower PCs.
MEDIUM is the middle ground between FAST & SLOW settings.

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