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Prices of Selected Broadband in Singapore

Price and Performance of Residential Broadband Service Plans in Singapore

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Prices listed here are lowest available monthly subscription fees gleaned from the respective service providers’ websites. Only fixed broadband plans without usage limits are listed. Additional discounts or bundling may be available through your service provider.
Prices of Selected Broadband in Singapore

Average peak download throughput (or download speed) is the most commonly associated metric with broadband performance. It represents the rate at which your computer will be able to fetch content (e.g. web pages, pictures, music, video etc) from the .

Average peak upload throughput (or upload speed) is the measurement of the rate at which your computer will be able to send or upload content (e.g. pictures, music, videos etc) to the Internet.

Latency is the measurement of how long it takes one packet to be sent to one of our test servers, and then returned back to you. This can effectively be thought of as the responsiveness of the connection between your home and our servers out on the Internet.

Packet loss tracks the amount of data packets dropped for a connection between the tested plan and the designated server and are rare in modern networks.
Level of packet loss acceptable depends on application. For general web surfing, effects of packet loss may not be noticeable until it exceeds 5%. Other application like online gaming, video streaming and online voice/video calls may be susceptible to packet loss at a much lower level.

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