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What is Broadband 2.0?

According to Akamai’s State of the report for the last quarter of 2013, africa ranks number 97 in the world for average bandwidth speed. In addition to this, also had a 6.8% year on year decrease in the number of people adopting high connectivity speeds (>10Mbps): down to around 1.3%.

South Africa’s average connection speed since 2012 increased by 14%. While many would suggest this is a significant improvement considering the economy, we need to take cognizance of the fact that unless we start to see massive leaps in connectivity, South Africa is not only going to be missing out on global digital interaction and involvement, but it also means that South Africa is missing out on international business and technology opportunities. If we do not institute massive connectivity solutions quickly, South Africa runs the risk of falling behind the digital divide.


There is definitely good news in the world. Point Topic is reporting that we are seeing a steady increase in FTTH and FTTx connections around the world:

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