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Austin named among 15 U.S. cities to develop new gigabit-speed internet applications

Austin is one of 15 U.S. cities selected for a program to develop and deploy new technologies designed around ultra-fast -speed internet
Called Smart Gigabit Communities, the program backed by the National Science Foundation’s “” initiative would see Austin and the 14 other cities create two gigabit-speed applications for government or nonprofit use every year. Those applications would then be made available to the other participating cities.
A worker stands over a boring machine used to lay -optic cable that will one day route ‘s ultra-high-speed Internet service to Austin locales.
“ The primary goal of US Ignite is to break a fundamental deadlock: there is insufficient investment in gigabit applications that can take advantage of advanced network infrastructure because such end-to-end infrastructure is rare and geographically dispersed,” the National Science Foundation’s summary of US Ignite’s efforts noted.
The program focuses on applications relevant to advanced manufacturing, education and workforce, energy, health care, public safety and transportation.

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