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TOT Fibre Optic vs TRUE Docsis Cable – Which is Faster?

We have a /a> 20mb fibre connection which seems to be reasonably fast but is certainly not blistering and we do get some lag at time when streaming from Youtube etc.

We have a 5 level shop house with have 3 x 802.11n WiFi routers. One on Level 1 (brand Tenda W309R+), another (Linksys WAG320N) on L2 (as a repeater) and hardwired to L1 and the last another Tenda (same model) as a repeater on L4 and again hardwired back to L1. No problems and consistent performance internally accessing the network from any level.

My question is based on any possible benefit of switching to a /a> DOCSIS cable setup we have been told (by the True Sales guys of course) that even with a lesser overall speed (17 or 18MB) connection performance will be better for streaming etc than with the TOT fibre connection?

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