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Aussie complaints soar over flaky broadband

complaints will continue as long as Australian homes are stuck on flaky copper phone lines.
– Australians made 10,668 new complaints about internet services to the TIO between January and March 2016 – a record number since January
– This represents a 27 per cent Year-on-Year increase in internet related complaints regarding service providers with more than 25 complaints. Based on 12.9 million internet subscribers nationally, that equates to one in every 1,209 internet users escalating complaints to the
– Consumers are forking out $640,080 per month for broadband which is on the blink, considering the average broadband plan costs around $60 per month
When you break down the numbers, complaints included slow data speeds (2,159 complaints), unusable service (2,125) and connection delays (2,079).

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