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BT Trumpets the Impact of a Superfast Broadband Boost for UK Businesses

At present around 6,000 businesses in have taken one of ’s “ ” (FTTC/P) services and the operator has surveyed 224 of those in order to demonstrate the economic benefits of upgrading, with the operator estimating that the technology has helped to create 611 new jobs and safeguard another 807 (i.e. 21% attributed either a created or safeguarded job to broadband).

“The latest research shows very clearly the great benefits that superfast broadband is bringing to Cornwall, particularly when you bear in mind this has been achieved during the difficult economic conditions of recent times. In fact, we believe that the number of jobs created or safeguarded could be much higher than even this survey indicates because the estimate is based on the number of businesses which have been using for at least 12 months, whereas more than twice this number of firms are now using the service.

The technology is providing an important and lasting boost to the Cornish business community, helping them find new opportunities and ways of working. Business support and advice is a key part of the Superfast Cornwall programme. The partnership has been careful to develop a programme, which not only creates a network that will stand Cornwall in good stead for many years to come, but also ensures local firms and households are able to take full advantage.”

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