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Concentrated broadband Internet market leads to poor service

The country’s Internet access is growing at a speed that is among the highest in the region. But the 7.3 million subscribers to the service have to deal with a concentrated market that has few big players, which, tied with a limited fiber optic network means the sector is not growing as fast as it could and the quality of the service —particularly outside the country’s top cities — leaves a lot to be desired. That could change when the government inaugurates a new national fiber-optic network that seeks to boost connectivity in under-serviced areas, which is scheduled for launch before the end of the year.

“The ranking is done considering not only the quality of the service but also public policies implemented by the government as well as general telecommunication strategies,” Enrique Carrier, a telecommunications and technology consultant, told the Herald. “Other countries have more competition between companies than , which must be improved here.”

The market concentration has largely discouraged smaller companies from entering the market, which means people do not have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing an Internet service provider. Meanwhile, since the companies focus their fiber-optic networks where they have the most customers, those in more remote areas have grown used to a lower quality of service that is much more expensive.

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