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Curious case of the Norway high speed internet usage

In , and fibre are on the rise, and so is . Wait, what?

NPT, Norway’s telecoms regulator, recently published its annual report into the country’s mobile and markets. The findings reveal quite a few expected trends, as well as one totally unexpected one.

broadband is the fastest growing technology among consumers. At end of 2013, NPT recorded nearly 1.8 million subscriptions for fixed-line consumer broadband. Of those, around 470,000 were — an increase of 80,000 subscriptions compared to the previous year. In the same period, xDSL based broadband lost 45,000 subscribers.

Uptake of 4G is rising sharply in Norway these days. In 2012 there was almost no 4G subscribers in the country. By end of 2013, the share of mobile subscribers that had converted to 4G during the year hit 18 percent.

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