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FCC Chairman Says Google Fiber Can Be The Key To Faster, Reliable Internet

These remarks by the Chairman are slated to be disclosed in an impending House Subcommittee on Communications and Technology hearing but have been published beforehand. In his prepared statement, Wheeler expressed his view that the private sector should play the primary role in bringing broadband networks to all Americans. He also noted that Google’s Fiber project might actually have a better blueprint than their own in implementing a fiber-optic network that would make broadband speed faster and more predictable. He said the FCC could benefit from taking inspiration from Google and will review their own rules and reduce red tape as much as possible.

The FCC expressed their agreement with Google’s approach and drive to implement “community broadband” wherein local entities are encouraged to work together to reach the goal of providing easier access. The commission reiterated, in a meeting with the National Cable & Telecommunications Association, their intention of preempting any state law that will obstruct competition.

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