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Fluke Networks Introduces Trio of ‘Accelerator’ Solutions to Speed Fiber Inspection, Certification and Testing

is the future for data centers and larger enterprises. Organizations increasingly need more fiber cables to keep pace with technologies that demand greater processing power and bandwidth,” said Jason Wilbur, vice president and general manager of the Cabling Installation business unit at Networks. “Time is money in these environments. The right cable testing solutions can reduce truck rolls, eliminate process steps and dramatically shorten the time required on the job site. We believe our new solutions will do exactly that for our customers.”

“A fiber network failure or latent problems can cost millions to a large data center or enterprise, to say nothing of the time and effort wasted on finger pointing and subjective, manual inspection,” Wilbur continued. “The FI-7000 takes the guesswork out of fiber end-face testing while cutting inspection time to two seconds or less. What’s more, it leverages our powerful Versiv Cabling Certification platform, increasing the overall value to our customers.”

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