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Google Fiber, AT&T high-speed Internet permits put pressure on Austin City Hall

The optics network work includes running cable underground or on poles in the city right of way, as well as constructing small huts to handle the cables on various city properties, according to city documents.

The /a> Planning and Development Review Department has requested about $700,000 in new funding for 2015 so it can hire about 10 people to help ease the permitting and inspection demands for fiber and amp;t‘s new high-speed networks.

If executed, according to the city’s plan, the $700,000 in new permitting resources requested for both fiscal 2015 and fiscal 2016 should be offset by the fees paid by Google and . However, many of the city’s fees are out of date and may not be charging companies enough to recoup the cost of city’s work, said Greg Gurnsey, the city’s planning and development review director.

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