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Google Fiber heading to Portland before it comes to New York

The Portland City Council has signed an agreement to allow Google to install Google Fiber in the city. The agreement places Portland at the forefront of the nine cities currently under consideration. (Photo : Paul Sableman)

The city council of Portland, Ore. signed an agreement Wednesday that allows Google to install and operate a high-speed fiber optic network in the city through 2024. Portland is one of nine areas currently under consideration for Google Fiber’s next project.

The agreement includes a number of terms that Google would be required to agree to in order to operate Google Fiber in Portland. The most significant is a five percent fee Google would be required to pay the city based on total revenue from the service. Google Fiber would not need to pay the additional three percent Portland collects from other cable providers in order to support public education programming. Instead, Google will deliver free internet access to up to 100 local nonprofit organizations. Google would also be required to assist in any defenses from legal action accusing the Portland of giving preferential treatment.

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