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Google will put the wireless providers out of business.

Google Announce WiFi Service

As we all know, Google is 100 times faster than today’s basic broadband. We no longer have to wait on things like buffering. Whether you are video chatting, playing your favourite online game or uploading family videos, all you need to do is simply ‘click’ and you are right there. fiber seems to be enough to deliver ultrafast service at a reasonable price. If you ask a group, ‘who wants fiber, the most advanced network in the world’? You will see the entire group of hands going up.

The latest news is, Google has promised and has sent an email statement to the IDG News services confirming that the plan is very much ‘ON’. They are trying their best to bring in the Wi-Fi access to all its Fiber cities. Research says that Google has also been circulating documents that detail the possibility of distributing wireless services to more cities that are due to receive service in 2015. However, till now it is unclear whether the Wi-Fi access would be free or whether it will be limited only to those who have already signed up for the Google Fiber account. Although in January Google said that it would offer free Wi-Fi in the areas around New York offices in the Chelsea neighbourhood. Even some of New York’s subway stations and around the company’s Mountain View, California Headquarters are also provided with free but limited Wi-Fi services using traditional cellular networks as a fallback when necessary.

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