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Laurinburg ahead of the fiber optic game

What do the cities of and Austin, Texas have in common? We are ahead of the fiber optic game, and the envy of our larger neighbors. Most everyone has seen recent articles about Charlotte and the Triangle area exploring fiber infrastructure and internet speed options. Both areas have the desire and need to offer a of internet service. They are hoping to gain these capabilities from companies such as Google and AT&T. The city of Laurinburg offers these services to businesses and industries today. Currently, Austin, Texas is the only other area in the United States that offers one gigabit of internet speed.

Laurinburg has contracted an IRU (Indefeasible Right of Use) for four fibers with Broadplex, LLC in a 12-count fiber buffer dedciated to the city through MCNC network. Broadplex is the city’s first provider that allows internet connectivity to city customers. Our service offers choice of connectivity to the outside world through transport in Broadplex’s network to data centers. In addition to offering high speed internet service, dark fiber lease with IT services is also available.

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