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Sky goes it alone for its latest fibre broadband trial

Currently at the mercy of , has indicated that it wants to build its own – optic network for some time. Having partnered with providers to deliver TV broadcasts over cables and teamed up with TalkTalk to supply (1000 Mbps) broadband to select customers in York, the company has decided to go it alone for its latest fibre trial. In Basingstoke, Sky’s building its own fibre-to-the-premises () network that’s capable of delivering speeds of up to 950 Mbps over an ethernet connection (150 Mbps over WiFi), far outstripping those offered by rivals BT and Media (which currently top out at 300 Mbps).

Great for residents. My small local company builds FTTP/( ) /. Its complete slaughter for Orange that offers 10mbit/s (on with need of phone line) in same price as our 50mbit/s, without any extra charges. Just lied cables to one new investition, talking with like 6 blocks that were screwed over by Orange that didnt want to invest there. As for speed caps, this is quite wierd, if you end your POE with Ethernet its all about client network. If some buissnes clients wants (and is willing to pay) he can even get 1gbps. Then again 50mbit for about 16 US$ (converting currency) monthly is just killer deal.

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