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Survey: Google Fiber Seeing Great Uptake Rate

Google has been very quiet about sign up totals for Google so far, so Bernstein Research recently conducted a door to door survey across five Kansas City neighborhoods (via Multichannel News). Bertstein says the firm is seeing significantly higher adoption in those neighborhoods than they previously suspected, suggesting that in the admittedly-limited areas that fiber is deployed, the ultra-fast service is delivering a bit of a beating to incumbent ISPs.

ISP execs comfort themselves with the fact that won’t be coming to most of their territories anytime soon. While Google recently announced they were considering delivering Google Fiber to 34 new cities in nine regions, only one or two of those cities are likely to see service anytime soon. Google Fiber’s purpose is primarily to light a fire under the stagnant, uncomeptitive U.S. broadband duopoly. Still, Google has said they don’t intend to lose money on the venture, and these early-uptake numbers suggest the company won’t need to.

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