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This Rural Community Is Building Its Own Gigabit Internet Network

The rural community of is taking matter into their own hands and build the fast that the city dwellers can only dream of.

The parish of Borwick is hardly where you’d expect to find a grassroots techno-revolution. Not far from the historic city of Lancaster, it has a population of around 210, and is an example of archetypal British countryside. Look around and you’ll see green fields in every direction, broken up only by leafy hedges and a healthy smattering of sheep. When I visit in early April, the trees are still spindly silhouettes, just starting to get their leaves, and newborn lambs lay close to their mothers. If it weren’t for the odd power line and a nearby wind turbine, the scene could grace an Easter card from centuries past.

But while the landscape may be idyllic in its timeless charm, the residents of Borwick and the surrounding rural area are moving with the times—and looking toward the future. They’re among the ’s rural residents who still lack a fast, reliable internet connection, and though they’re geographically remote, they’re keen to get connected.

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