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UPDATED: Verizon customers without service after fiber cut

According to County E 9-1-1, Emergency Contact line informed them at about 2p.m. that a cable cut south of Sylacauga resulted in 22 cell towers going out of service in the area, leaving Verizon Wireless and Windstream customers without mobile service.

“We found out there was no Verizon cell service, which not only affects people not being able to call each other from their cell phone – they also were not able to call 9-1-1,” said Tallapoosa County E 9-1-1 coordinator Anita Haggerty. “We talked to the Verizon emergency contact who informed us of the fiber cut.”

Haggerty said Tallapoosa County E 9-1-1 alerted the Tallapoosa County Sheriff’s Department, Police and Alexander City Fire departments of the .

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