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Verizon Has Installed Nearly 89 Million Feet of Fiber-Optic Infrastructure in New York City

The company’s fiber infrastructure in the city includes facilities for interoffice and backbone network equipment, specialized fiber for large enterprise customers, as well its revolutionary FiOS services serving consumers and small businesses.

has installed almost 89 million feet, or nearly 17,000 miles, of fiber optic infrastructure in york city, enough to stretch over six trips between New York and Los Angeles.

Verizon is meeting its goal to run its all-fiber telecommunications network throughout all five boroughs. “This is the largest, most ambitious fiber-optic deployment in any U.S. city,” said Kevin Service, Verizon’s president for the company’s Northeast area. “We have invested more than $3 billion in the city alone, making it one of the most ‘fiberized’ cities on the planet. Our 12,000 employees are proud to bring this future-proof technology to the people of New York City.

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