Max Fibre

What else will provide you with fibre like speeds?

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Doing away with the need for line rental, /a> promises that customers will be up and running within the next day as no engineer is required to install the hardware.

After you’ve signed up, Relish sends you a 4G router through the post and you get everything you need in the box. If you order before 4:00pm on a weekday, you should get your Relish gear delivered the next day.

Nicholas James, CEO of /a> , which is launching Relish, said: “/a> is home to some of the world’s most talented and busy people, who have to suffer long delays in getting their broadband service set up and pay a ‘landline tax’ for a service they often don’t need.

Relish wants to give Londoners the broadband they deserve – and will shake up the market with a fair and transparent service that meets the digital demands of modern Londoners.”

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