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What net Google is building in the sky?

reportedly plans to spend $1B on satellites

The Web giant plans to deploy 180 small satellites that would provide Internet access to underserved regions of the globe, sources tell the Wall Street Journal.

Google has long sought ways to provide reliable Internet access to developing regions without investing in expensive ground-based infrastructure. Last June, the company unveiled Project Loon — an initiative born out of Google’s in-house skunkworks facility /a> to deliver Internet via air balloon.

Google apparently bolstered that effort with its acquisition in April of Titan Aerospace, the maker of a solar-powered high-altitude drone that can stay aloft for five years. The New Mexico startup’s Solara 60 is a featherweight aircraft built of composite materials that can maintain an altitude of 65,000 feet for years without refuelling and carry up to 250 pounds of gear, such as wireless communications equipment.

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