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What This Year’s Survey Says About Broadband and Economic Development

Building the City

has consistently been described as a tool or asset to help communities improve local economic development. In the past few years, a lot of effort has gone into positioning broadband as our newest utility, vital as our mainstay electric, gas and water utilities. Every year I dig a little bit via a survey to learn how much the hype about broadband’s impact on local economies reflects the reality.

This year’s survey asks members of the International Economic Development Council (/a>), the largest professional association of economic developers, key questions regarding broadband’s impact on local economies. These questions test some general assumptions made about outcomes that broadband produces, and also enables survey respondents to assess some of the value broadband brings to their communities.

The first asks members to report on the current state of highspeed Internet access in their jurisdictions. The second section poses questions about how sufficient is broadband in their communities for improving existing businesses, attracting new companies, improving education and healthcare delivery.

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