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FCC Approves 5G, But Don’t Wait to Get a New Phone

The Federal Communications Commission just cut the tape on a new band of frequency, the untouched realm of 24 GHz that’s loaded with possibility, by rolling out a new set of rules that will serve as a runway for its adoption. This, according to the commisson, will kick off the chapter in wireless becoming “
A fifth generation network, or , as you might gather from its name, stands to succeed the current 4G standards that power usage to our phones, enabling Netflix on long car rides and in doctor waiting rooms that are free of an open Wi-Fi network to leech.
The notes that this new standard would result in massive speed upgrades, calling it “-fast”—which could have far-reaching implications for certain fields. To illustrate one of its potential uses, last month FCC Chair Tom Wheeler operated a dirt-moving excavator machine from across the country, using the
“While I may have been in D.C. physically, I am telling you that I was at the site,” he told the National Press Club, about the experience. “I sat in the mock-up of an excavator, and I had complete control sensitivity, equivalent to being there. I could be transported to a site in Texas 1,400 miles away without physically moving an inch.”

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