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It’s Time to Change Your SAN Playbook from Legacy Fibre Channel to Gen 5 (16Gb) Fibre Channel HBAs

When it comes to football, getting a good pre-snap read of the entire playing field is vital for calling the best play. Coaches calling plays from the box, who can see the field position and line-up better than someone with a single vantage point on the sideline, are a great asset to the players on the
As a technology company, QLogic gets this same birds-eye view of the IT playing field, helping customers who are on the turf call the best
If your data center is playing in the Fibre Channel (FC) game of storage , the time is now to change your playbook from legacy FC to (16Gb) FC adapters. This simple strategy will transform your game and put you on the right path to meet the latest data center challenges. Guaranteed.

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