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How many types of Broadband do you know?


The oldest form of popular broadband high speed Internet connection is DSL. The term DSL is an initialism referring to the technology family’s proper name of “digital subscriber line.” DSL uses common phone s to transmit data, much like dial-up technologies

Satellite Internet access is a useful solution for individuals without access to other forms of broadband Internet access. By using a dish to interface with a satellite in low Earth orbit, it’s possible to get broadband speeds with a minimum of necessary infrastructure.


Cable Internet access uses the existing cable television infrastructure to transmit data. The cable television infrastructure uses high-bandwidth coaxial cable, allowing speeds of as much as 30 Mbps to be reliably obtained.


Fiber-optic Internet connections use advanced fiber-optic cables to transmit data to and from a customer’s equipment. Fiber-optics use light as opposed to electricity to transmit a digital signal, reflecting the light along the inside of an incredibly-fine glass tube. As a result, data moves along the cables at the speed of light as opposed to at the lower speeds of electricity

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